Nový Spark
venku od 31. července
THERION, ARKONA - 12.12.2013, Brno, Semillaso
Nový Spark
venku od 31. července
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21.09. Tattoo Grand Prix
21.09. Deafheaven & Touché Amoré, Portrayal Of Guilt
23.09. Rivers of Nihil, Black Crown, Initiate, MOL, Orbit Culture
25.09. Magic sword
28.09. Protector, Lahar, Mörkhimmel
02.10. Protector, Denet
02.10. Airbourne
02.10. Cro-mags, Best Wishes, Red Death
04.10. As I Lay Dying, Chelsea Grin, Unearth, Fit For A King
08.10. Pixies