Nový Spark
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2007 Únor

2007 Únor

Titulka: Therion

Články: Incubus, Uli Jon Roth, Kiss, Norma Jean, Sacred Reich, Lemmy

Rozhovory: Mnemic, Solefald, Michael Terrana, Thom Youngblood – Kamelot, Fairyland, Kingdom Come, Pain Of Salvation, Legion Of The Damned, Impious, To-Mera, Virgin Snatch, This Ending, The Disasters, Trail Of Tears, Scald, Hugh Syme

Recenze: Pain Of Salvation, The End, Moonsorrow, Legion Of The Damned, Killswitch Engage, Swallow The Sun, Negura Bunget…

Live: Kataklysm + Fear My Thoughts, Evergrey + Sonegard + The A.X.E. Project, In Extremo, Dio + Achat

Plakáty: Slipknot, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Nový Spark
venku od 1. března
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24.03. Suzi Quatro
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